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Hobo bag

This is why I like facebook. Here’s an interaction I had with my friend’s sister and mother. I’ve only slightly altered  the names:

Status Update: Fashion Whore posted a link to a $2ooo Prada Hobo bag that she wants soooo bad.

Squirtpie: Is it made from real hobos?

Fashion Whore: Isn’t it beautiful? I had one like this but I lost it in Israel. Should I?

Squirtpie: You should definitely get it. Hobos are known for their soft skin.

Fashion Whore: A hobo is a homeless vagrant! Is the prada bag made of them?

Squirtpie: I certainly hope so.

Sensible Sister of Fashion Whore: lol… if so I will take one too!

Snarky Friend of Fashion Whore: Hopefully it won’t smell like hobos.

Squirtpie: They wash the hobos first. Before removing their skin.

Fashion Whore: Haha! Too funny!

Mother of Fashion Whore: Fashion Whore, you get Louis Vuitton’s for the same price. The never-full or the speedy aren’t much and there are others. Even Christian Dior has some new nice styles.

Fashion Whore: I love this bag! This bag is so mine!! I lost one in Israel and have been looking all over trying to replace it.

Fashion Whore: Already ordered. I have to wait 10 days! Longest 10 days ever

Mother Of Whore: Didn’t they have it at the Prada store in the city?

Squirtpie: It takes at least three days for hobo skin to be stretched and dyed.

Squirtpie: Prada only uses the freshest hobos.

Fashion Whore: No, mom, they didn’t have that particular bag.

Fashion Whore: haha, of course, Squirtpie.

Squirtpie: It’s because of the hobo shortage. They are not in season right now due to hibernation. The spring collection should be fabulous.

Fashion Whore: Yes, frozen hobos are not so soft.


One response

  1. My favorite part is simply the moniker “Mother of Whore”.

    February 17, 2012 at 4:36 pm

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